An Unsilent


An Original Screenplay

An Unsilent Partner recognizes that a business doesn’t grow without its people, but some decisions are made, which may or may not benefit everyone. In these moments, the author contends that an enlightenment occurs, a phrase in Latin called Temet Nosce, that means “Know thy self.” As he describes it, “This revelation begins a journey of enigmatic consequences or great achievements together as a team with strong sagacity of synergy or clearly a diverse trend.”

An Unsilent Partner isn’t your usual grind of a book. It is a screenplay, written in a screenplay form – however it shall entertain one will be an answered curiosity.


Always rely on your gut feelings, when making a tough decision.

I only smoke a cigar when I close a deal!

Every day your integrity is at stake. You are tempted to steal, cheat, lie and deceive. You must remember that ethics are imperative!

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