An Unsilent


An Original Screenplay

Nathaniel H. Echols Jr., MSM, is a post-Vietnam War Era veteran and an expert business executive. He was honorably discharged from the US Air Force in 1977 and, for over 35 years in corporate world, he has successively specialized in efficient accounting methods, operational development, strategic organizational planning, accounting system design, and financial management. He has also taken top positions in private firms and is currently a senior consultant to small and medium-sized firms in the federal government. Echols is also a lifetime member of the Worldwide Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. He now lives with his family in Potomac Falls, VA, and enjoys traveling, fishing, chess, and bowling.

As a soldier, you obey. As a civilian, when you finally understand what is required for survival and you embrace the challenge you make many choices. In my years of experience working in the accounting profession success was measured very differently, while existing in each owners individual cultures/environments and management styles, you must develop continual strategies, along the system, on what to watch for silently and react to cautiously. This has nothing to do with the workload! From what I have observed over the years in the dynamics of business operations, it’s always better at the top, sometimes! The games people play can either be helpful or devastating. By-the-way, I worked my way from the floor to the ceiling over the 30 plus years. This journey of mine, continues to be filled with anxiety and it continues to draw me in, strangely. People are people. It’s their objectives that keeps me poised. But what unnerves me the most is crony-ism and nepotism. But remember bottom line is SURVIVAL!

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