An Unsilent


An Original Screenplay

Businesses are comprised of people. Owners and employees are engaged to strive in concert to obtain goals and objectives. During this process each individual emerges through thoughts and ideas which leads to defining moments on their path. There is a Latin phrase that depicts this enlightenment, Temet Nosce. In translation, “Know Thy Self.” This revelation begins a journey of enigmatic consequences or great achievements together as a team with strong sagacity of synergy or clearly a diverse trend. So the question is, “When did this occur and why?”

About the Author

Nathaniel H. Echols Jr., MSM, is a post-Vietnam War Era veteran and an expert business executive. He was honorably discharged from the US Air Force in 1977 and, for over 35 years in corporate world, he has successively specialized in efficient accounting methods, operational development, strategic organizational planning, accounting system design, and financial management.

Author attended the following book fairs.

Word On the Street Book Fair

Frankfurt International Book Fair

Miami Festival of Books

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